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Lemon Merchant email list + Cold Blood Club

Hello gang, here we are with another update of our slow and steady build-up.

List subscription.

We’re working on some neat stuff at the moment (really, when aren’t we?) that we hope will be out by year’s end. We’d love for you to be the first to know about it. There may also be some exclusive free stuff in it for you if you join our little cult club.

(Sorry, did I say cult?)

Anyway, click here and you’ll know what to do:

We’ll keep your info secret and safe.

Cold Blood Club.

While you’re here intently perusing the wild, wild internets, lend your ears to Cold Blood Club. The group, featuring members of Radio America and EarlyMay, is working on some music and performing out in NYC at the moment. The Brooklyn act has two songs, “Down” and “Ladies & Gentlemen”, posted up on Soundcloud:


The trouble with e-mail

Our former tech support guy, moments before being shipped to Abu Dhabi.

In the course of revamping this site, a few wires got crossed behind the scenes and, as an incredibly unfortunate result, we have not received some of our incoming e-mail. We apologize for this goof and promise it won’t happen again. Our e-mail is back online now. If you’ve been trying to reach us, count to twelve then try again!

The staff has had a talking to, their pay has been docked for a month, and our tech guy (pictured above) was fired and shipped off to Abu Dhabi. Don’t feel bad, he had it coming anyway.

UPDATE: Looks like our backlog of emails are beginning to trickle in. Thank you for your patience, folks! [Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 7:09:06 PM EDT]


Welcome to our new home. We’re still cleaning up, so check back soon for updates. Till then, feel free to poke around the site and like/follow/what-have-you us on the following sites:


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