SXNE Showcase: For Liberty’s Sake – October 25, NYC

sxne liberty cover

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

After a short absence in the Overworld, we are happy to back to the proverbial garage to crank the generator and—in effect—turn the lights back on.

We’ve got plans on the horizon and are looking to shift things around here a bit in the coming months. But that’s later. We’re in now now, and what better way to live in the now than by telling you about a show near and dear to our hearts happening during CMJ week in NYC this year?

Traveling roadshow SXNE presents For Liberty’s Sake, a very free showcase at Carroll Place featuring some of New England’s best on October 25, 2014 (and sponsored by a decidedly New England beer which I will be drinking too much of: Narragansett).

Want to attend? RSVP here, you fools.

Apart from featuring Lemon Merchant artists emeritus Aloud, the all-night-long party features OldJack, The Nate Leavitt Band, Tigerman WOAH!, The Silks, The Rationales, and Le Roxy Pro. (No word yet on whether or not Joaquin Phoenix will be making another clandestine appearance.)

Give the SXNE page a Like™ on Facebook for updates at the speed of light and fun stuff between now and then. You know how the internet works.

Facebook event page, some videos, and poster’s below the fold. It’s good to be back.


Facebook event page

Event RSVP




The Nate Leavitt Band

The Rationales

Le Roxy Pro

The Silks

Tigerman WOAH!


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