LMR Sampler: Get on the Bus [free download]

Happy new year, friends. We hope your 2012 is off to a fresh start. Up here in Boston we’re suffering through the usual intense chill that happens around this time of year. (8°F this morning without the wind chill, kiddos.) However, at least we haven’t had to shovel an ounce of snow; it’s the little things that count, eh?

But enough of my meteorological banality. There’s business to take care of and news to be dispensed.

We’re very pleased to announce Get on the Bus, a sampler featuring tunes from The Wandas, Aloud, When Particles Collide, and The Bynars. All four bands perform next month at upstart Somerville, Mass. venue Radio on Saturday, February 18. Cover for the 21+ show is only $5.

Get on the Bus may be downloaded here for free, so share it with your friends and invite them to come down to the show!

Saturday, February 18 — 9pm
379 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA (map)
featuring The Wandas, Aloud, When Particles Collide, and The Bynars
21+ | $5 | Facebook event page
Download LMR Sampler: Get on the Bus

About the bands

The Wandas

Not only does their razor-sharp pop consciousness and reverence for rock and roll classics distance them from the “hard to play/harder to listen to” prog and/or funk trappings… it also makes them one of the cooler bands in town…. For [their self-titled album] The Wandas, the band say they summoned inspiration from their ’60s and ’70s faves, name-checking Neil Young, Tom Petty, Michael Nesmith, and Elvis.
—The Boston Phoenix


[Aloud’s] performance had a spirited, carnival-like atmosphere, with Beguiristain at one point jumping on a pool table across the room to shout lyrics back at the stage through a megaphone. Aloud’s harmonious-yet-boisterous psychedelic pop-rock sound was often augmented by the ambient strings of the Exile Orchestra. And an unplugged, off-stage, Beatles-medley jamboree-like sing-along with the band surrounded by the crowd closed out their set as the lights came up. It was a festive union for Aloud and the friends, family, and fans….
—The Boston Phoenix 

When Particles Collide

[The] songs are tough, heartfelt rockers, with deeply personal lyrics and alternately crunchy and jangly punk rock riffs. The duo setting shines a light on her words and guitar playing, which draw from such inspirations as early PJ Harvey, the Pretenders, Sleater-Kinney and the Pixies. Angry, fist-pumping anthems like “Dear Rachel” and “Not High School” fit perfectly next to the more melodic, introspective songs like “10 Years” and “Somebody Find Me.”
The Bangor Daily News

The Bynars

“The Bynars’’ is a sparkly, spiky, adrenalized dash through a Rentals-meets-Passion Pit electro-pop dream that buzzes with Weezer-y guitars, old school new wave synth squiggles, and perky songs about weighty topics like asking your mom for money. The album, which follows on the heels of the band’s three previously released EPs, is easily the Bynars’ most focused, fully realized work. It also caps a two-year writing effort during which [vocalist/guitarist Matt] Jatkola claims he wrote a song a day. “We had hundreds of songs to choose from,’’ he recalls.
—The Boston Globe 


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