Exile: “An album that builds, breathes, and surprises”

Aloud’s third full length album, Exile, has racked up two more positive reviews this week in Baltimore and St. Louis:

“I can say confidently that it will be one of the records I reach for when I’m craving a dose of indie rock. This puts them squarely in another camp: those artists who can build a loyal cult following. Exile may require some close listening, but the reward is outstanding depth and complexity.”

Driftwood Magazine, Baltimore

“Favoring introspection over rock, lyricism over bombast, the new (and better) production retreats from the space Aloud used to occupy. It is lush but reserved. The album patiently navigates moody and desperate waters, cresting opportunistically on songs like ‘Counterfeit Star’…. The Aloud of Exile is no less engaging than before; the evacuated space doesn’t create distance from the band, but instead invites you to join in the dialogue. Expect Aloud to be as up-close as ever, but even more intimate.”

Eleven Magazine, St. Louis

Aloud will be performing in St. Louis at Off Broadway on February 23rd. Tickets may be purchased here through TicketWeb.


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